Friday, January 23, 2009

CPSIA Ramifications

For all of you who are returning friends here at Trendy Bindi's, you know that we stress finding the simple pleasures out of life, the inspirations, and trying to help you create your own little nest or cocoon that brings you peace and bliss. Unfortunately, there are times when the world steps in and you must step up, and speak out. Mom and I hate to appear to bring politics into this however in February things are going to drastically change for the American populace and its small businesses as well as many other aspects of American Life.

Many of you are aware of the digital conversion which is looming ahead. You have been reminded daily on television and through various news sources. What you probably are not aware of is that at about the same time the Consumer Protection Agency's new law concerning children's products is taking effect. This law, the CPSIA, requires testing for ANY ITEM that a child TWELVE or under could use. While this means that all toys must be tested for lead and phthalates, including american-made artisan crafts, at high expense, it also means that ANYTHING a 12-year old could potentially use is subject to this law.

This is also retro-active so millions of tons of goods are going to go to the landfills, especially since thrift stores and retailers, while not responsible for testing items, still cannot carry anything that hasn't been tested. Which nothing on the shelves anywhere has even had the Certifiers available to certify. Many small businesses are closing their doors. We will be having to take our adorable, handcrafted baby and child goods off the shelves. Even though I am sure that a child could never be hurt by a tablecloth dress or a pure cotton embroidered onesie. This at a time when the economy is already in less than desirable standing.

The effects of this law are so far reaching that the ALA is considering banning anyone under the age of 12 from libraries and disposing of their children's books. There is also vast concern about schools. You can read more at this article

We are as concerned as anyone about the safety of children however, this 60+ page law is so vague and detrimental that it is going to do far more harm than good. Its effects could be quite devestating and there is so little awareness, and so little effort on the part of the government to inform the public on this issue. Think about it, on February 10th, if you run out of diapers for your baby, you are going to be out of luck. Your child needs to get a book for a report? Tough. The only ones who can change this law are members of Congress since they voted it in in the first place. If you are so inclined, write or call your representatives and others in Washington.

You can see the law here
Etsy also has a whole section devoted to this on their forums which you can visit here.


kim* said...

its a sad time for alot of people. something will happen though you wont go unheard.

Just another day in paradise said...

Thanks for joining in the CPSIA blog-a-thon to get the word out!

Winklepots said...

Such a sad and scary thing. Thank you so much for helping to bring attention to it and hopefully the law is amended soon.