Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blissful Reading: A Well-Kept Home

Have you ever had a book decide to come home with you? I have. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my wonderful local library, heading over to the mystery section to find a good cozy when this book seemed to leap at me from the shelf as I passed. I am quite happy that it did. A Well-Kept Home: Household Traditions and Simple Secrets from a French Grandmother by Laura Fronty and Yves Duronsky is a beautiful book featuring simply elegant photography by Yves Duronsky.

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This book has five basic sections that cover food, home maintenance, caring for linens, beauty & healthcare and gardening with the age old wisdom gleaned from the author's French grandmothers. There is also a handy little index at the back that lists handy uses for, say, garlic or irises.

This book really captures the cottage lifestyle by sharing the wisdom of our fore-mothers and sharing greener, thriftier and more effective ways to care for ourselves and our homes.

I hate to take my copy back to the library--I'll just have to buy my own!


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