Friday, July 24, 2009

From Fence to Fab

Our little shop has a darling set of narrow, curving steps to the upstairs which we use for our own storage and personal use and when we were getting ready to open we were at a loss as to how best close off the steps in a cute way from the rest of the shop.

Thankfully, we've got our secret weapon...Dad (0r in Mom's view Hubby). Carol, the former owner of the property generously left us a number of items including a couple of picket fences sections painted a cheerful little yellow. Dad, handy man that he is, took one of these sections and cut it to size. He put a cross-brace in the back, added some hinges and then used a hook and eye closure to secure the gate. He installed on the steps and now we have the sweetest little gate to "our space".

This nifty little fix would be perfect for a set of basement or attic steps that you need just a little something. It would also work nicely if you have a room or two that you don't want your toddler or pet wandering into unsupervised.



Cobble Creek said...

Love it! Just don't lean over to set something on the steps and impale yourself on the pickets :)

That is way cuter than a "baby" gate.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Cute idea!