Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hearth Warming Holidays Vintage Spotlight: Christmas Trees

We've gotten all sorts of wonderful vintage Christmas goodies in the shop right now and we wanted to share some of them with you. Here are some of our various Christmas trees.

This Christmas tree is the one that took center stage in Mom's childhood Christmasses. It is laden down with all of our vintage handmade and plastic unbreakable ornaments (after all, we do have to crawl under it to plug/unplug the lights!). The tree skirt is a vintage find as are the great funky metal tree stands.

Mom got the inspiration for this display in the December 09 issue of Romantic Homes (such a great magazine!). You can easily replicate the look in your own home with some polyester or cotton batting. We got a huge bag of it down the street at the Fabric Shack. The centerpiece is a FABULOUS gold and white ceramic tree. It has its original red lightbulb which gives it a faint rosy glow. The little plastic bulbs are actually clear candle shapes with gold glitter. This mountainous tree presides over a village of vintage putz-style mica covered cardboard houses.

This great vintage aluminum tree is covered with old handmade beaded ornaments and is kept company by some of our other ceramic trees. It's skirt features feathers! Underneath is a round Christmas tablecloth. On the green patio table are some reproduction creamy bottle brush trees.

The tree on our Stickley Brothers desk is a new piece but we just love the frosted look of the branches. It is decked out with pieces of Steph's Jewels handmade jewelry, made by a talented local lady who uses pieces of vintage jewelry and findings to make great new creations. We've put a lot of our vintage pieces as well as some of our other handcrafted jewels, pocket mirrors and hair accessories around it.

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Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I loooove that last tree, and OHMYGOSH I am NOT ready for Christmas yet! Where is the time going?