Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bindi Takes a Lick at a Limerick

Apparently not only is our shop's namesake, Bindi, adorable, sweet, and an arbiter of fabulous taste (demonstrated by her attachment to us of course!) she is also quite the little poet.

All this time, when we've thought she was just enjoying a good coze on the sofa, she's been composing jaunty little limericks. We thought we'd share a few of her pithy compositions about our shop with you. Below is the first of what we hope will be many that we have convinced her to share. (We find that a little bit of beef does wonders to overcome her bashfulness!)

So sit back, feel free to don your berets, grab your mug of coffee and enjoy!

Limerick #1
There once was a dog named Bindi.
Her friends all thought her quite trendy.
So she opened a store,
Where she could sell more
Of all that was chic and stup-indi!

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