Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Bunnies and Bottle Brush Trees

We've been very busy this weekend putting out fresh Halloween goodies.  Among our new arrivals are some darling Halloween bunny witches created by artisan Michelle Lauritsen, whose Pinch of Prim creations have been featured in Prims magazine. 
Each bunny is a work of art, sculpted and painted by Michelle.  We think that they look fabulous with our vintage new-old-stock Halloween bottle brush trees.  These are marked Japan on the bottom and come from the 1940s.  The trees each measure 6 inches tall. 
The bunny witch in the black dress has her own mini bottle brush tree which is covered in black glitter.  The bunny witch in the orange dress is holding a candy corn on a wire.
This sweet black bunny witch has a lovely white and black polka dotted dress.  She also has her own little bottle brush tree.  It is covered in orange glitter.
Both of these cuties are wearing polka dotted dresses.  The one on the left is carrying a caramel apple.  The one on the right has her own tiny orange glittered bottle brush tree.
Here they are as a group.   (The black crows are from another new to the shop artisan Jan Dahler.)

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