Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just in for Christmas: New Abbybelle Creations!

Sam, the artist behind Abbybelle, is just so talented (and sweet!) and her creations a filled with fun.  Here we have Santa and Mrs. Claus figures nestled in an old wire milk crate among vintage aqua mason jars.  She also makes these delightful Santa and Cat head ornaments that we have nestled in old jello molds.  (I apologize about the lighting in these pics...I am still getting to know a new camera.)
Here we have a snowman with a cat building another to his one side and another cat preparing for a snowball fight on his other.  Three little Christmas mice are nestled among hankies in the box below them. 

This Santa is relaxing in his jaunty overalls.  We found that one of our vintage light fixture bases made the perfect pedestal for him!
Sam also made these sweet snowman head ornaments.  The pillow tucked in the drawer above is made in Lancaster County, PA by Old Time Gathering.
This little wooden church is also part of the same display in the shop and I couldn't resist sharing it here.  It is vintage and hand made.  It lights up and there is a nativity scene at the front of all the church pews. 
This wall hanging is another one of the many pieces by Old Time Gathering that we have in the shop.  It is hand painted and grunged and stitched by hand.  We found that these work great as valances or as accents on curtains.  You can also hang them up on a wall or door. 
Here is another example of one of their fabric hanging signs. 

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