Saturday, May 24, 2008

The History of the Stetson House

Trendy Bindi's Boutique is located in the Stetson House, which is the second oldest building in Waynesville, Ohio. It was built in 1810 by a wheelwright. It takes its name from Louisa Stetson Larrick the older sister of John Stetson (inventor of the Stetson hat and founder of the Stetson Hat company). Louisa arrived in Waynesville from New England when she married a local farmer. John stopped to visit her on his way out west. While out west, he invented the famous Stetson cowboy hat (he came from a family that owned a hat making factory out East) for a fur trader and it proved to be very popular. He came back to visit Louisa and she gave him a loan to start his own hat making factory. The rest is history. Unfortunately for Louisa, he gave her TB. He recovered from his TB, but Lousia did not and eventually she died from it in 1870.

The Stetson House not only houses Trendy Bindi's but also, according to popular belief, three ghosts. They are reputed to be Lousia, John, and a school teacher who also lived here at one time. Although other owners have had many ghostly encounters, they have been very well behaved with us. We occasionally hear someone opening the back door and walking around in the back room and think we have a customer but when we check--no one is there. Anyway, the house has very calm and gentle feel to it, so we think that the ghosts are friendly, gentle sorts. Some people have even been known to smell gingerbread in the back room, which was formerly the kitchen. If only Louisa make some that we could actually eat! LOL!


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