Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Curtain in the Picture Below

When we first moved into the shop, the window below had no curtain and since our counter is in front of it, we would get very hot. Having very little money after starting the store, I had to get creative. I had a piece of toile fabric and no sewing machine, so I turned the edge of the fabric down and hand sewn the edge and then I ran a pretty ribbon through the top. I put two nails in the window frame and tied the ribbon in bows on each side of the window. I plan to upgrade the nails to tie back tacks when I find some that I like. This was a very cheap and easy window treatment that looks very good.
Another treatment is to take an extension rod and drape vintage linens such as hankies, tea towels, tableclothes, and even aprons from it. This is very easy to change with your decor or the holidays. Vintage chic does not have to be expensive.

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