Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ladies' Day Out

A number of the stores, including us, in Waynesville is participating in Ladies' Day Out which will be held every Thursday and Friday in June, July, and August. Some of the stores wil be open later for this event. If the ladies have a pass (more on how to get those coming at a future date because all of the details have not been worked out), the participating stores will each have certain promotions or discounts for those ladies. There will be snacks at the stores, etc. The idea is for you ladies to have a day out. Waynesville has something like 50 different antique and gift shops and some of those shops are antique malls so there is lots to see. There are also excellent restaurants in town too. We have a different theme for every month. June will be "A Garden Party"; July will be "Red, Whiite, and Blue"; and August will be "The Beach." Trendy Bindi's will be taking 20% all items marked with a flower sticker, such as our teacups, teapots, table linens, and garden items, if you have a pass. So come and join us for a great time!! We look forward to seeing you!!

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