Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage Make-over

Isn't it amazing how just one little thing can make such a difference? The right shoes, earrings, purse, etc. can make all the difference in whether your outfit is fabulous or just doesn't quite work. It is the same with your home. The right things, brought to their full potential, are needed to make your possessions and your home stand out. In the case of this cute little gossip bench that Mom and I picked up a little upholstery fabric was all it needed to become a star. Take a look at these before and after pics to see what I mean:

This is something that is so simple and easy to do and I think it can make such a big difference and I promise this is not that difficult to do. Sometime, I will try to post some basic instructions. I have to confess that until very recently Mom and I would have been scared to try to tackle. I guess we believed that whole beauty is pain idea or something, but it doesn't always have to be pain. After getting up the nerve to recover Mom's dining room chairs, we have realized this is not a scary project at all. This bench took maybe twenty minutes and basically all I needed was some new fabric (yay for The Fabric Shack!), a little elbow grease, a tape measure and a good old staple gun.

And you know something else, taking on this project earlier at home has enboldened me with other things like, for instance, cleaning up vintage metal patio furniture and painting it all sorts of fun colors. So tackle something you have been wanting to do but have been just a smidge to intimidated to do. The Lord made a wonderful world for us but sometimes he wants us to help in creating our own bits of bliss. Believe me the beauty that surrounds you will be very pleasant, but so will the feeling you get knowing what the chica in you can do.


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