Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Dear Not-So Dearly Departed

Here is a link to a video that we just stumbled upon at our local newspaper. The little title was ghosts in Waynesville and so we clicked on it. Little did we know that they had done a bit on our home! Trendy Bindi's Boutique is in the Stetson House and they interviewed some folks up at the Friend's Museum who had had some experiences in the upstairs room when the property was the Cranberry Bog. Is that neat or what? Our own 5 seconds of limelight!

We've known for a long time, even before we started our business, that this building was supposed to have some ghosts, but other than some little things like lights going on and off or hearing someone in the back room we haven't really had any crazy experiences. Though a woman did stop in at the Sauerkraut Festival and told us she and her husband had been on the porch alone and she had felt someone other than her husband tug gently on her hair. Maybe since we have retained the upstairs for private business use, our ghostly friends are happier (we've slept up there and not had a problem, the house gives us the warm fuzzies instead of the heeby jeebies.)

Here is the link to the video:
Ghosts in Waynesville

You will need to click on the index of the videos and it should be under the index for the latest videos.


p.s. I saw this and mom thought I was crazy until I did a frame by frame and at 1:23 into the film, you can see a black form moving across the porch from the door, close to the post, to the right by the yellow potting bench. What do you think?

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