Friday, October 10, 2008

Sauerkraut 2008

Its here. The Sauerkraut Festival. Gulp.
Let me tell you something, Sauerkraut Festival is one crazy, crazy weekend here in Waynesville. Starting Friday, the town pretty much shuts down (even the kids get out early from school...coincidence I think not!) and the set up begins. Last year, we were Sauerkraut newbies. We had never even attended as "civilians" before and let me tell you it is crazy, crazy, crazy! There are just so many booths set up along main street with all sorts of handcrafted goodies not to mention all of the yummy (or so those who actually eat Sauerkraut tell me) Sauerkraut foods, everything from Sauerkraut pizza, to Sauekraut fried cheeseballs (which I can attest are quite yummy!) and the FAMOUS Cabbage Rolls from St. Augustine's Church. There are loads of people and the shops have lots of sales, so it is a rather festive and crazy good time. This year a Beer Garten has even been added. So come on down to, walk along and check out the artisans, and enjoy yourself!

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