Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 75th Grandad!

This weekend was my Granddad's (Mom's Dad) 75th birthday! We closed up shop yesterday and headed on out to my grandparents' home in the country to celebrate. My older brother was unfortunately unable to come because of work but my younger brother was able to get away from campus in the evening and joined us. Given that he has such an intense schedule and is involved in so many things we don't get to see as much of him as we would like and were thrilled to see him. We had brought his English Springer, Gabby, with us and she, in particular, was in alt that she was getting to see "her boy".

It was a lovely, laid back evening of t.v., pizza (the birthday boy's choice) and cake that Mom had made. Granddad has not been in the best of health the last few months. About four weeks ago, just before our beloved Aussie terrier mix Oreo passed away, he went into the hospital and ended up staying just shy of three weeks. He is doing better but he is still very weak and not doing as well as we would all like. It was wonderful that he was able to be up with us to celebrate this milestone. We are all praying that by this time next year he will be able to get out and about to make a day of his birthday and any prayers that you have to spare would be greatly appreciated.

Next week it is Grandma's turn. As she is a southern lady born and bred, hailing from Kentucky, I will not say what year she will be celebrating, it will suffice to say that she is the younger of the two!


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BlenderBach said...

sounds like a fun birthday :)