Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Masterpiece Theatre Classics: Oliver Twist

We are PBS junkies in our household, and Masterpiece Theatre productions particularly the Mystery! and Classics are our favorites. The talent that goes into these productions always shows and we love to get drawn into them.

On the past two Sunday evenings, the first and second halves of Oliver Twist were shown. This latest adaptation of Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist is the best that I have seen and is my very favorite.

The acting in this production is just wonderful and the setting and costumes are what we have come to expect from the very best Masterpiece productions. I think the highest compliment that can be payed to the actors is that, with the exception of the true villains, those at the workhouse and the undertaker's and of course Edward, a real sympathy was created for the characters. In particular, Timothy Spall (Fagin), Sophie Okonedo (Nancy), Adam Arnold (the Artful Dodger) and Tom Hardy (an actually sympathetic Bill Sykes) excelled in their portrayals. You might very well recognize Timothy Spall as he was Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter.

If you missed out, you are in luck because for a limited time you can watch Oliver Twist on the Masterpiece website here

*as a little note of local interest, Dickens stayed here locally at the Golden Lamb in Lebanon and it is rumored that he, or Mark Twain, or both (at separate times of course!) stayed at a house that was once an inn right here in Waynesville, Ohio!

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