Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I can't help it. Right now I am so excited that spring is sooo close. St. Patrick's Day really seems to make it seem even closer. I thought I would share with you some of my little baby plants to show you how far they've come!

First, here is my first batch of little veggies. The peppers haven't really started yet but you can see that the spinach, lettuce and tomatoes are really coming along.

Here is a picture of some baby snap dragons. If you are wondering what that planter is, I took a 24 can cardboard box and cut it in half. I then inserted one half inside the other and lined it with newspaper. I then loaded it up with some Miracle Grow Organic potting soil (I have just discovered this and I LOVE it!) and voila! a cheap and crafty planter which saves your money for something a little more fun, like that vintage tablecloth you've been wanting. As you can see, the little snapdragons seem to be liking this just fine.

Here are some of my crocuses which are just adoring the wonderful weather which we've been having. Fortunately, the squirrels don't seem to have found all of my purple ones yet!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, yay for spring! Those look great! Good for you for growing seeds - I try every year, but there's a phase where I just can't get them to grow any bigger.