Thursday, March 5, 2009


We are having a sale through this weekend in honor of Louisa Stetson Larrick's birthday. She lived in our house during the mid-nineteenth century and was the sister of John Stetson, (yes the cowboy hat Stetson). Our shop's building is actually known locally as the Stetson House.

For this sale, we are taking 25% off of all jewelry and toiletries in our bricks and mortar shop and 25% off all jewelry in our Etsy shop. So be sure to stop by!

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the 6 o'clock stitch said...

That's too cool about your house! Thanks for listing your promotion on this week's Etsy Deals Post. I'm giving away some free add space in NEXT week's post (image of any one item in your shop, linked to your home page) if you're interested. You can enter the drawing at

Of course, just listing your promotions in Mr. Linky each week will always be FREE!

Anyway, it was nice to meet you!

Have a great week!