Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Book Review of The Khaki Girls of the Motor Corps

I just love children's books, especially vintage ones. So when we get new ones in I just have to read some of them. I want to share with you a great girl's series from WWI that I read.
"The Khaki Girls of the Motor Corps (of Finding Their Place in the Big War)" by Edna Brooks, copyright 1918
The book's heroine is a spirited teenager, named Joan Mason, who is the only child of a weathy widower. She loves cars and owns one, which she keeps running by performing all the mechanics on it. She wants to join the Ambulance Corps and drive her own ambulance in France. Her father, of course, is opposed to this; however, she manages to wiggle a promise from him that if she proves herself, he will let her go.
She joins the Motor Corps, a women's extension of the army, whose purpose to train for the Ambulance Corps. They are used to drive army officers around. In the meanwhile, they are given alot of training in first aid and mechanics. In order to be sent to France and made a member of the Ambulance Corp, a girl must first complete all the training and she must buy her own ambulance to take with her.
Joan is a lively girl, fighting the social expectations of the day in order to do something worthwhile. The book documents her adventures in her quest to become a responsible adult doing what she loves to do. She confronts terrorists and prejudice with perseverance and determination.
This is a great story with lots of little details of the social culture and everyday life during WWI for the people back home. There is a second book in the series which I don't have called "The Khaki Girls Behind the Lines (or Driving with the Ambulance Corps)."
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