Friday, May 29, 2009

My Favorite Thing in the Store

This vintage aqua wrought iron table and chairs set is my favorite thing in the store. Doesn't look like something that Doris Day would have in one of her movies? It is just so much fun. I just love everything about this set--the color, its unusual design. Wouldn't it be fun to set a small garden statue or something in the "cage" base of the table. Flowers or tiny lights could be twined in the "loops."

It sat in my garage for a long time before I brought it down to the store. I really wanted to move it into my breakfast room, but my husband doesn't love it like I do. I was a tough decision, but I decided that I keep the husband and bring the table set to the store so that someone else could love it as much as I do. In all fairness, we need five chairs if all of us are eating at home in the breakfast room and I have another set outside, but I really could picture this set in my beach house that I am going to have someday.

Aside from this table, I actually have been buying vintage goodies, when I run into them, that would be perfect for my future beach house. I figure if God put them in my path, then He will eventually provide the means to buy the beach house. I was a Girl Scout and the motto was Be Prepared. Am I the only one out there that is preparing for a future dream home that may or may not come about? If I never get the beach house, I still have some wonderful items that I can decorate with and remind me of the beach and make me smile. Decorating vintage is not only romantic but fun and happy too and is just another little beit of bliss.


forrestina vintage said...

The color is terrific--very popular right now it seems! :)

StunningAnnaK said...

I have wanted a table and chairs like that for so long! I just imagine myself having a nicer deck or porch to display them on, the one I have right now is less than perfect! Thanks for sharing your find with us!

I also just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award... Please see my blog for details!

Jillian said...

LOVE THE TABLE! So sorry the hubs didn't like it. I followed you here from twitter...

I too am saving/buying things for a future Dear Hubs wants a lake house. Someday maybe?