Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aren't You Feeling These Vintage Felt Stockings?

There is something about the handmade vintage felt stockings, like the tree skirts and banners, they are just so fun with their retro stylization and their bright beads, sequins and rhinestones. They are so versatile and really do add that special something to the holidays.

Red felt stockings, with our names picked out in jaunty green glitter, are hung on our mantle every year. Mom's dates back to when she was a little girl and she and her parents each had one. When she was married she made one for Dad and then each of us kids in turn. They are stuffed with gifts Christmas Eve and are the last thing opened Christmas morning. Even our four furry girls join us in opening their stockings (although theirs are newer and personalized, with my, ahem, "primitive", "folksy" cross-stitching).

Despite our sentimental attachment to the stockings that we have, or perhaps because of it, mom and I find ourselves drawn to other vintage felt stockings. Because we would never think of replacing ours, we have come up with other ways that we could display them.

Instead of hanging them on the mantle by the chimney with care, you could hang a few of them across the top of a window as a valance. You could intersperse them with or without beads or garland down a bannister. Or if you are handy with thread, you could make a tree skirt out of stockings by tacking them onto a larger round piece of fabric.

If you would like to add some vintage felt stockings to your Christmas collection, we have several of them in our bricks and mortar shop in Waynesville. We also have about half of them listed in our Etsy shop and hope to list the rest soon. You can also check out your other favorite local vintage haunts.


Michelle said...

super cute!!!

Peggy. said...

These remind me of the stockings we used as kids. I love them.