Saturday, November 22, 2008

Artisan Spotlight: Ruth Simon

Like Kelly, Ruth Simon is another lovely and talented lady that we met through our shop. A few weeks back she came into our shop and showed us some of her beautiful and sentimental creations. Using vintage and antique cutter quilts that are too fragile and worn for regular use and vintage ribbons, laces and trims, she makes beautiful Christmas stockings. She makes the larger regular stockings as well as mini ones that can be hung on a tree or a package (a clever use she suggested was to use them to put gift certificates in). Many of her mini ones are made of lovely vintage ticking.

We were thrilled that she offered us the opportunity to carry her line of creations, By the Chimney with Care, in our shop. As it is, the pictures of the larger stockings that we have below is, with one exception, of our second larger batch because they just flew right out of our shop! They have recieved so many compliments from people with varying decorating preferences. Whether primitive, cottage, vintage or romantic in their leanings so many feel a connection to these the past represented by the hand-stitching of the original seamstress. The large stockings are $15.00 each in our shop and the small ones are $5.00 each. If you see anything you like, please just send us an e-mail at!

Here are some of her mini ones:

(PLEASE NOTE that these designs are Ruth Simon of By the Chimney with Care's intellectual property and as such she reserves all rights to other words respect both her creativity and that which God has given you and create your own unique art!)


kim* said...

oh man i need one of those lol!

They remind me of some baby stockings i bought from everso/ rachzel on etsy. im SO--- bookmarking her!

kim* said...

wait there is no shop link.... please send me one... leave me a convo with the link


sMacThoughts said...

Oh my gosh, those are so beautiful all together!!