Saturday, November 15, 2008

Romantically Reminiscent Christmas

Christmas is, as they say, a time of comfort and joy. The very nature of this holiday celebrates family and coming together and for those who love the Romantic Cottage style, we find comfort in incorporating the warmth of the old, with the pleasant memories of family and friends they bring, in our celebrations of the holidays. This, as any good Romantic knows, goes beyond seeing things at the face value of their assigned roles. Here are a few examples Mom and I have put together in our shop of giving freedom to finds from the past so that they can help warm our homes and our hearts during this season.

Mom used vintage cookie cutters to decorate the tree below. For that warm glow I put battery operated tea lights in old Jello molds (the tree is supposed to be flame retardant but we weren't going to push our luck!). Old red and white kitchen utensils on a red and white striped tree skirt help to spread the cheer.

These are some Pyrex personal carafes with the rubber neck bands on an old moire tray spruced up with some lovely poinsettia picks.

Here is an idea for a festive centerpiece that is very retro chic as well: Use a gilded pyrex tall carafe and fill the bottom with shredded gift foil or a piece of satin. Wrap a paper towel or plastic dowel in pretty coordinating ribbon and insert it in the top, place ornament hooks and floral picks in and arrange them to your taste. Then hang some pretty ornaments and voila! you have a pretty centerpiece!

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