Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Vintage Christmas Tree: Jewel Brites, Glitter and Glue

In addition to those great vintage glass Shiny Brite type ornaments, there are some other great non-glass vintage ornaments out there that will help to brighten up your vintage Christmas theme. There are all sorts of great handmade ornaments like the little glittered and sometimes decoupaged styrofoam ball ornaments, those great beaded and sequined old satin kit ornaments, egg shell ornaments and felt ones...whatever the muse led someone to create.

There are also a number of ornaments made by a company called Jewel Brite which just capture the whimsical nature of a midcentury Christmas quite like them. They specialized in 3D scenic ornaments. They come in a range of designs like lanterns and tear-dropped with all sorts of different items inside. There are nativity and town scenes, poinsettias, spun cotton angels, snowmen and santas. Many of which are just darling.

Take a peak at our vintage tree (it was the one Mom's parents used when she was growing up) bedecked with a variety of vintage ornaments.

Here are some more great vintage ornaments, in particular some fantastic beaded ones, on our vintage aluminum tree.


Dea said...

I love the look aluminum trees! My grandmother had one every year when I was little because she was allergic to pine.

Looks like you'll be having a gorgeous Christmas!


erinberry said...

Love, love, love aluminum trees! I have a little 4' one like the one in your photo.