Friday, December 5, 2008

Yummy Christmases Past

We have a bunch of nifty vintage cookbooks in right now, many of them with an emphasis on entertaining and parties. One of these is an old wire-bound Betty Crocker's HOSTESS cookbook: Guest Tested Recipes and Party Plans for Every Occasion.

Since Christmas is coming up I thought I would give you a "taste" of some of the yummy recipes and helpful tips inside!

Here are some scrumptious looking desserts...I can attest to the absolute yumminess of the Buche older brother had to make one for a foreign language class Christmas party in middle school and we've been making it on and off ever since. Smaller ones are great for the little baking exchange that we do on our street each year but they are also great for teachers, friends, hostesses, and parties. I personally can't stand cherries so we sometimes mix it up and have either a cream cheese and strawberry or a cinnamon-sugar apple filling instead. My Grandma also used to make the Yule Log cake... Seeing that picture makes me think I should ask her to make another one this year!

This book also has some great decorating ideas, like making these wreaths:

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