Friday, December 12, 2008

A Vintage Christmas Tree: Shiny Brites and Baubles

One of the essentials to any vintage-inspired Christmas is the tree and its ornaments. There is something about the old glass ornaments especially that adds such a cozy note to your tree. We have just gotten a bunch of "new" ones in...and just in time too because our little gold tree was definitely beginning to get that Charlie Brown look to it. As we have started our business and continued to acquire vintage treasures for it we have come to realize that there are just so many different types.

However, as you can see it is quite full again now. I think we might have to see about finding another metal tree. (We are both too scared to put them out on a regular would be our luck we'd brush against it and send them all to the floor.)

One of my personal favorites that I could not part with is a little geisha girl ornament from the 20s-30s. She is just so sweet in her pale blue and pink and I love the little touches of glitter here and there on here. She is unmarked and while I have researched and tried to identify her I have not yet found one like her. Mom has been worse than me. There have been a number of stencilled glass ball ornaments that she has been unable to part with. One in particular that we both thought was just the neatest thing was an Italian teardrop Santa face with a little mini red glass bulb nose.


CAT Productions said...

I just love the Shiny Brite ornaments and have been collecting them for years! Your tree is beautiful!

Ashley L. said...

What cute little vintage goodies! Lovely blog :)