Friday, July 11, 2008

Elements of the Table: Terrific Tablecloths!

No romantic vintage chic table can be set without one--a beautiful vintage tablecloth, whether a dainty damask, vibrant and sweet cottage floral, classic gingham or stripes or a whimsical novelty print. The addition of your favorite tablecloth truly sets the tone. They are also a cute addition to the cottage decor in your home when displayed. They can be shown off draped about your home in a nonchalant fashion or they can be put to new creative uses as curtains or slipcovers. I certainly believe that personal appeal is the most important qualification for picking a tablecloth. However there are things to keep in mind when shopping for your own. If you are seriously collecting or see your linens as an investment, then condition will be important to you. To be truthful, I feel a little more comfortable actually using ones that might have a small issue here or there that way I am not so crushed if I have a clutzy moment. Tablecloths with serious issues can be used as cutters but I urge discretion with your scissors! Also, names like so many other collectibles can be important. Some names to remember are Wilendur, Broderie, Startex and Simtex.

Here are a few pics of tablecloths from our shop:

Would you believe that this has been embroidered on all four corners with this mill scene? It is one of my favorites, I just can't imagine the patience and skill taken to create this sweet tablecloth!

In future postings, I will give examples of other elements such as china, glassware, and tabletop embellishmet as well as some examples of complete table settings that bring the various romantic vintage cottage elements together.

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