Thursday, July 24, 2008

People of Bliss

Today the world did not start out on the best of footings for Kerry and I. Anyway, as I was fussing about this, Kerry reminded me of all the lovely people we meet through the store. There is Debbie from The Peddler House and Carol from The Red Barn who give so much of their time and talents to the merchants association and have been so helpful and kind to us as new shop owners. They are truly delightful ladies. Please visit their lovely stores when you are in Waynesville.
There is also the lovely woman who came in the other day and really blessed me with her presence. Sadly, our doctor's son, who is only 16, died last week of a brain tumor. Our doctor is not only our doctor but also a friend and I was having problems dealing with the death of his son and I was so worried about the pain he and his wife were going through. The lovely lady who came to the shop to return an item had lost both of her daughters, her only children. She told us that she started antiquing after the death of her first daughter while the other was in school. She was laughing with us and we were having such a good time that I realized that eventually he and his wife, even though they would never be the same and would always miss their son, would laugh again and would be able to enjoy life again, if that life was different. That made me feel so much better.
There is our favorite Texan who visits us with her mother when she comes to visit her mother. I can't thank her enough. There is our customer, who we call our linen lady. We also have a good time when she comes in. There is the mother and daughter that love the soaps we carry that always brighten our day. There are many others who I know were sent by God at just the right moment that unknowingly bring a message that I needed to hear at the time and help me renew my faith. I thank God for all of them.
There is Sister Mary Martha, one of our absolute favorite bloggers, who left a lovely comment and offered her help. You really must visit her blog. I think you will be very surprised and it won't be what you expect. She is a hoot and never fails to make us laugh. Thank you Sister.
There are so many others and they add to our bliss. May lovely people come your way today, and as they do, I hope you appreciate the gift of bliss that they bring.

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