Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stored Treasures

Often a customer will say that she has items like the ones we carry in her attic or basement, packed away. I would love it if all of you came to the store to buy decorating items but with gas over $4.00 a gallon, I realize that many of you are on a budget. If you have lovely items in your attic or basement, get them out and display them. Rotate them with some of your other decorative items. There is no decorating law that states that you can't store some of your pieces that you have displayed now and get out your grandmother's china. I personally think that your heirlooms should be used as well. You would also be suprised how a vintage or retro piece can fit into any style. If you really no longer want the item, give it to another family member. Lovely things should not be stored for years and not seen. For some items, storage can be lethal and no one enjoys them. If you can't think of anyone who would want the item, remember that we do consignment. However, I must say I would rather that your family treasures stay in your family and be enjoyed, but sometimes it may need to go to another family. I know that many of my lovely things were owned by unrelated kindred spirits and I treasure them as though they had been in my family for years. If you do not have family treasures of your own, then come and visit us, I am sure that you will find something lovely to treasure.

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