Thursday, September 4, 2008

Best wishes for Wedded Bliss!

Well, it is officially fall now. Labor day has come and gone and I slept through most of it. My best friend, Alicia, was married on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and with all of the those things that that involved, I was one very tired girl the rest of the weekend. I had a wonderful time celebrating with her, her friends and family; especially getting to know some of the other ladies in her family. I must admit that it is hard to think of the girl that moved in next door in the middle of middle school, who has proved to be such a kind and sweet kindred spirit, is married now! Where did all that time go?

The ceremony was held outside at a local historic homestead in the gazebo and her mother outdid herself (as did her assistants) with all the hundreds of tiny little details to make this day as special as possible. My friend made a lovely bride and despite forecasts of rain, the day was beautiful too, even staying rather cool during the ceremony itself. The food was quite yummy too!

All in all I think it was a rather perfect day and I hope that when my dear, dear friend looks back on this day she will agree. I hope that she and her new husband are having a fabulous time on their honeymoon and will continually have blessings heaped upon them throughout their future years.

I hope that my cousin's wedding this Saturday (also an outdoor wedding) will go as beautifully for her and hopefully be a little cooler than it is right now!

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tanyBUG said...

I'm sure it was a lovely day. Glad to hear you enjoyed it so much!