Friday, September 19, 2008

Second Sunday Stroll Artisan Profile: Julie Crusenberry

Well September's Second Sunday Stroll really turned out to be quite a day! First of all we were thrilled that our friend, Julie Crusenberry of Steph's Jewels, was able to settle herself in on our porch as our artist. Julie and her daughter Stephanie are another mother daughter team and we are just thrilled that we are getting to be such good friends with Julie...truly she is a person of bliss for us. We also want to send our congratulations to her daughter for making Julie a grandma to the cutest little baby girl! We met up for breakfast and had a blast admiring pictures of this little sweetie before opening up.

They are both very talented in creating unique and just fabulous jewelry using vintage components and Julie in particular has just such a gift for artistically arranging displays. In fact, she has been kind enough to fill in for us before and we can never wait to see what she has done with our shop!

I took a few pictures of her displays on the porch, and good thing that I did because it wasn't too long before she had to move inside thanks to Ike.

Who knew you could have hurricanes in Ohio? I sure didn't! Main St. in Waynesville can be quite the wind tunnel and well, it isn't that unusual to lose power in the historic buildings so we just sat and chatted inside, while my dad and brother did some work on the clapboard on the side of the building totally oblivious to the true extent of what was going on.

The menfolk left before us and called to say some trees were down and power was out back home too but it wasn't till we drove home ourselves we got a real understanding of the power of this storm. A roof had blown off and into another storefront up the street, trees were down all over and the water tower had sprouted a leak at the top akin to Old Faithful.

At home we were out of power (though we were very lucky, it came on in the middle of the night that night) but trees and limbs were down all over our neighborhood. The neighbors behind us had watched a tree come down across both of their vehicles in their driveway. Two other neighbors are still without power because a tree was uprooted and brought the power lines down with it. All in all thhings are much better now and getting back to normal, but that storm was just something else!

p.s. If you see something you love, Steph's Jewels consigns with us and we actually do have some of these pieces in our shop, and if we don't have it we can definitely put you in touch with Julie.


kim* said...

im loving the use of the desk for display

Debbie Gootter said...

Love her stuff and work area