Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florida's Buried Treasures

Here are some of the goodies that we picked up while down in Florida for the shop...

Isn't this a darling set of vintage "Made in Japan" teacups? There are five of them, one is hiding behind the flowers. I just love how delicate the pattern is with the pink roses and the blue border. I think that they look lovely with this tablecloth that we already had in the shop.

This is from the same estate as the teacups and it is definitely one of my favorite finds...a beautiful set of 5 berry bowls, serving bowl and matching tea service. They are German and have the daintiest pink and blue floral pattern. I personally think that the bowls are the perfect size too; for all of us who are trying to "reduce" or just be healthier they are a pretty way to go for smaller portions.

These are two great framed vintage magazine advertisements that we also picked up!

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