Friday, September 5, 2008

Red, White, and Retro

While down in Florida we found some more great pieces of vintage red and white kitchenware and I thought I would share them with you as well as a few of the other red and white items that we've found. This is such an easy, fun, not to mention rather dramatic decorating scheme. No wonder it has been such an enduring classic. Now I must admit that my personal preference runs more towards the pink and floral end of the cottage style (someday I will have my pink Kitchen-Aid mixer!) I can't help but ooh and ahhh over those fun, fruity red and white kitchens. Seriously though who wouldn't love all of this kitsch?

Here is a gorgeous vintage Bromwell flour sifter with apples that we brought back, along with the red handled knife sharperner and the corer.

These are a pair of fun vintage fruity towels. They are just in such great condition, they haven't lost any of their vibrancy!

And here is a sampling of what the collective effect can be!


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CAT Productions said...

I love it! I have several red and white enamelware pieces in my kitchen. I started out with some of my grandmother's bowls, then added pieces I found at thrift/junk stores. They fit nicely in our rural Texas cottage. Thanks for posting the pictures!