Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Reason To Give Thanks

The merchants here in Waynesville have been helping the Village government collect toiletries and supplies for the troops in an effort called Give Thanks and We'll Thank You. From Hearth Warming Holidays in November through Christmas in the Village at the beginning of this month, we've been collecting both donations including monetary ones in exchange for a chance to win one of some great giftbaskets filled with items from the merchants of Waynesville and put together by the lovely ladies at The Pretty Pooch.

I am so thrilled to be able to say that this collection has been a huge success. So many people have been so very incredibly generous and supportive of their troops. A number of people in our shop alone donated while declining to even enter in the raffle. We raised a little under $250, many many cards and a huge amount of toiletries.

I would like also to thank all of the merchants who worked hard to get the word out, the very wonderful people who donated so generously and the people up at the Village offices who have always kept the troops and their needs close to their hearts. Most of all, Mom and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who are serving, have served or who supports a loved one's service for all of the sacrifices and hard work that you have and continue to put forth in support of this wonderful country, keeping all of us safe each day. Thank you so very, very much. May God bless you and may you have a very Merry Christmas (or other holiday that you celebrate) and a very wonderful New Year.

If you missed this donation drive but would still like to donate to the troops, just contact the Village office in Waynesville, Ohio at 513-897-2025. If you aren't from around here but would like to help, contact your local American Legion post or your National Guard. I am sure that they can help you find someone who is collecting close to your home.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Vintage Christmas Tree: Shimmering Ceramics

If you live in a small space where you just can't fit a real tree (using the term in a relative sense) a great alternative is a collectible vintage ceramic tree. They are also a great item to collect. You can scatter them around a room or group on a table, buffet or mantle for more impact.

One of the most popular manufacturers was Atlantic Mold. Because they were sold as molds there is a wide variety not only of shapes and sizes but also of different color combinations. White, aqua and pink tend to be the most highly prized, particularly when it is accented with gold. The trees generally come in two ceramic pieces. There is the tree itself and then a base that hides the light and often a music box.

One of the niftiest things about these little ceramic trees are the little plastic "bulbs" that you can put on them. They light up in the same manner as a light-up house but with little holes that you can plug up with these little clear plastic bulbs. They come in an array of colors and such different shapes as bows, holly, birds (these are one of the more common shapes), flowers, etc and toppers like angels and stars. Some even are glittery! Because they are collectible too, don't despair if you find a tree you love that does not have bulbs, it might take a little work (they sometimes are a little harder to find), but you should be able to find replacements. Plus, you can pick out whatever ones you like best with your tree.

These trees depending on size and glaze, bulbs (which are collected themselves) and the nature of the base range from the easily affordable $15-$20 range to close to $200 for a more spectacular tree. Of course this is a loose range. But an inexpensive tree might make a great gift for someone in a dorm.

Right now we have four different ceramic trees. None of ours are musical but we do have some really nifty ones.

First of all we have a rather traditional and more common plain green tree on a wreath design base by Atlantic Mold. It is decorated with little multi-colored bird bulbs.

This second tree is actually rather unusual because it is so tiny. Its mini bulbs are even more minute than on a standard ceramic tree. Its white color makes it even better.

Finally, we have our two best finds. The little white one is great with its pale green, almost aqua accents. It is lacking bulbs but I think that it would look lovely with some of the same bulbs as on our best tree, the large craggy white with gold accents. It has clear twisted bulb shaped bulbs with gold glitter inside. There are one or two on the tree but the others are squirrelled away in a little bag attached to the cord. It has a vintage large red bulb inside that gives it a pinkish look when lit.

A Vintage Christmas Tree: Jewel Brites, Glitter and Glue

In addition to those great vintage glass Shiny Brite type ornaments, there are some other great non-glass vintage ornaments out there that will help to brighten up your vintage Christmas theme. There are all sorts of great handmade ornaments like the little glittered and sometimes decoupaged styrofoam ball ornaments, those great beaded and sequined old satin kit ornaments, egg shell ornaments and felt ones...whatever the muse led someone to create.

There are also a number of ornaments made by a company called Jewel Brite which just capture the whimsical nature of a midcentury Christmas quite like them. They specialized in 3D scenic ornaments. They come in a range of designs like lanterns and tear-dropped with all sorts of different items inside. There are nativity and town scenes, poinsettias, spun cotton angels, snowmen and santas. Many of which are just darling.

Take a peak at our vintage tree (it was the one Mom's parents used when she was growing up) bedecked with a variety of vintage ornaments.

Here are some more great vintage ornaments, in particular some fantastic beaded ones, on our vintage aluminum tree.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Vintage Christmas Tree: Shiny Brites and Baubles

One of the essentials to any vintage-inspired Christmas is the tree and its ornaments. There is something about the old glass ornaments especially that adds such a cozy note to your tree. We have just gotten a bunch of "new" ones in...and just in time too because our little gold tree was definitely beginning to get that Charlie Brown look to it. As we have started our business and continued to acquire vintage treasures for it we have come to realize that there are just so many different types.

However, as you can see it is quite full again now. I think we might have to see about finding another metal tree. (We are both too scared to put them out on a regular would be our luck we'd brush against it and send them all to the floor.)

One of my personal favorites that I could not part with is a little geisha girl ornament from the 20s-30s. She is just so sweet in her pale blue and pink and I love the little touches of glitter here and there on here. She is unmarked and while I have researched and tried to identify her I have not yet found one like her. Mom has been worse than me. There have been a number of stencilled glass ball ornaments that she has been unable to part with. One in particular that we both thought was just the neatest thing was an Italian teardrop Santa face with a little mini red glass bulb nose.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yummy Christmases Past

We have a bunch of nifty vintage cookbooks in right now, many of them with an emphasis on entertaining and parties. One of these is an old wire-bound Betty Crocker's HOSTESS cookbook: Guest Tested Recipes and Party Plans for Every Occasion.

Since Christmas is coming up I thought I would give you a "taste" of some of the yummy recipes and helpful tips inside!

Here are some scrumptious looking desserts...I can attest to the absolute yumminess of the Buche older brother had to make one for a foreign language class Christmas party in middle school and we've been making it on and off ever since. Smaller ones are great for the little baking exchange that we do on our street each year but they are also great for teachers, friends, hostesses, and parties. I personally can't stand cherries so we sometimes mix it up and have either a cream cheese and strawberry or a cinnamon-sugar apple filling instead. My Grandma also used to make the Yule Log cake... Seeing that picture makes me think I should ask her to make another one this year!

This book also has some great decorating ideas, like making these wreaths:

Vintage Better Homes and Gardens Sweet Dolly Christmas

Right now we have a copy of the vintage Better Homes and Gardens Birthdays and Family Celebrations book. I just could not resist sharing some of it with you!

Here the dollies are busy making their cookies and candies together for Christmas. Aren't they adorable?

Isn't this vignette of the little doll family gathered around the Christmas table charming?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sales and New Early Bird Specials

From now through Christmas, Trendy Bindi's Boutique, as well as Red Barn General Store and the Peddler House will be opening early on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. From 9:30 a.m. through 11:00 a.m. we will each be running different promotional sales.

For example during Christmas in the Village, this coming Friday and Saturday, we will be taking 25% off any Christmas items and 20% off the rest of our merchandise from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Each week the sales and discounts may vary so be sure to check us out!

Also, on the day after Christmas our three S. Main St. shops will be be having a huge blowout sale from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. December 26, 2008. For our shoppers, Trendy Bindi's will be offering 50% off of all of our vintage Christmas items!

P.S. Right now through this weekend we are taking 20% off of everything in our etsy shop! We are also taking 10% off any Christmas item in our Bricks and Mortar shop till Friday. Friday and Saturday will be the kick-off for our Early Bird Specials as well as Waynesville's Christmas in the Village.

From 11:00 a.m. through closing Friday and Saturday and then all day on Sunday we will be taking 20% off all Christmas items in the shop and 10% off everything else.

Christmas in the Village 2008

This coming weekend is Waynesville's Christmas in the Village. There are all sorts of wonderful things planned beginning Friday December 5, 2008 through Sunday December 7, 2008.

There will be all sorts of entertainment (some meandering throughout the village and others located points throughout the town). There will be carolers, barbershop groups, musiscians, stilt walkers and fire jugglers among others.

The shops will be lit and decorated for the holidays, many having terrific Christmas sales going on throughout the weekend as well as goodies to munch on. There will be a tree lighting ceremony at 6 pm on Friday and after dark the sidewalks will be lighted with 1300 luminaries. You can also take a ride down Main St. in a horse-drawn carriage.

We are taking 20% off all Christmas items as well as 10% off all other items in our shop for Christmas in the Village. Also, as part of our Early Bird Specials promotion we will be opening at 9:30 on Fridays and Saturdays until Christmas. If you come in for our Christmas in the Village Early Bird Special, instead of 20% off of all Christmas you will recieve 25% off and instead of 10% off throughout the rest of the store you will recieve 20% off. This special will last Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m. through 11:00 a.m.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artisan Profile: Daddy Deer : )

Mom and I would never be able to have the shop without the support of our family. In particular, Dad really makes all of this possible. He is a computer scientist and works at all sorts of technical things all day, often pulling long nights, to support the family and the opening of the shop. Plus, when there is a problem down here like siding that has been blown off by super strong wind or heavy duty yard work, making dressing rooms, he is definitely the one to whom we turn.

However, in one way the shop is giving back to Dad. He is getting his craft on again. It has been awhile since he has been able to build anything but he has actually been busy down in his workshop. We are really proud to be able to say that he has been making some adorable twiggy reindeer for our shop. He is hoping to start making some furniture like shelves and the like for the shop at some point. Don't you think that he did a great job with these?

And here are the "babies":

Friday, November 28, 2008

Lighting Your Home with Lights From the Past

How neat is it that we can enjoy the same warm glow from Christmas lights as others have forty, fifty or even more years ago? Here are 2 vintage foil electric candles that we just listed in our Etsy shop:

This is just a small taste of the vintage Christmas lights available. There are Christmas strands in beautiful pastel colors and old bubble or "snowball" lights as well as nifty novelty bulbs that date back to the 20s and 30s. The earliest examples can be quite expensive, particularly the intact theme strands like the original Disney Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, but you can find these foil candles and other Christmas lights and strands from the 50s and 60s at much more accessible prices. Cindy Chipps and Greg Olson wrote a great guide to this collectible lights called "Collector's Encyclopedia of Electric Christmas Lighting Identification & Values" which really gives you a great idea of the wide variety available.

We also recently acquired these two midcentury santa novelty bulbs, which we will be putting into inventory soon:

If you do plan on using these old electric lights do be careful and check the wires carefully. Items like the foil candles can be rewired but be sure to follow directions on the light kits. Just to be safe pleae do not leave vintage lights on while unattended.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aren't You Feeling These Vintage Felt Stockings?

There is something about the handmade vintage felt stockings, like the tree skirts and banners, they are just so fun with their retro stylization and their bright beads, sequins and rhinestones. They are so versatile and really do add that special something to the holidays.

Red felt stockings, with our names picked out in jaunty green glitter, are hung on our mantle every year. Mom's dates back to when she was a little girl and she and her parents each had one. When she was married she made one for Dad and then each of us kids in turn. They are stuffed with gifts Christmas Eve and are the last thing opened Christmas morning. Even our four furry girls join us in opening their stockings (although theirs are newer and personalized, with my, ahem, "primitive", "folksy" cross-stitching).

Despite our sentimental attachment to the stockings that we have, or perhaps because of it, mom and I find ourselves drawn to other vintage felt stockings. Because we would never think of replacing ours, we have come up with other ways that we could display them.

Instead of hanging them on the mantle by the chimney with care, you could hang a few of them across the top of a window as a valance. You could intersperse them with or without beads or garland down a bannister. Or if you are handy with thread, you could make a tree skirt out of stockings by tacking them onto a larger round piece of fabric.

If you would like to add some vintage felt stockings to your Christmas collection, we have several of them in our bricks and mortar shop in Waynesville. We also have about half of them listed in our Etsy shop and hope to list the rest soon. You can also check out your other favorite local vintage haunts.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Artisan Spotlight: Ruth Simon

Like Kelly, Ruth Simon is another lovely and talented lady that we met through our shop. A few weeks back she came into our shop and showed us some of her beautiful and sentimental creations. Using vintage and antique cutter quilts that are too fragile and worn for regular use and vintage ribbons, laces and trims, she makes beautiful Christmas stockings. She makes the larger regular stockings as well as mini ones that can be hung on a tree or a package (a clever use she suggested was to use them to put gift certificates in). Many of her mini ones are made of lovely vintage ticking.

We were thrilled that she offered us the opportunity to carry her line of creations, By the Chimney with Care, in our shop. As it is, the pictures of the larger stockings that we have below is, with one exception, of our second larger batch because they just flew right out of our shop! They have recieved so many compliments from people with varying decorating preferences. Whether primitive, cottage, vintage or romantic in their leanings so many feel a connection to these the past represented by the hand-stitching of the original seamstress. The large stockings are $15.00 each in our shop and the small ones are $5.00 each. If you see anything you like, please just send us an e-mail at!

Here are some of her mini ones:

(PLEASE NOTE that these designs are Ruth Simon of By the Chimney with Care's intellectual property and as such she reserves all rights to other words respect both her creativity and that which God has given you and create your own unique art!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Artisan Spotlight: Kelly Rigano

One of the many lovely things about being a shopkeeper is the sweet and talented people that you get to meet! A day or so before Hearth Warming Holidays, a very nice lady, named Kelly Rigano came into our shop with some goodies that made us oooh and ahhhh. She had some very fun and glitzy glass ball ornaments that she has decorated by hand in some terrific designs. We were just so thrilled when she decided to consign with us!

Kelly can also be found with her Brush Stroke Ornaments at craft shows. If you need any ornament personalized she is very happy to do so...individual ornaments personalized through our shop may take up to a week to be ready. She can also take larger custom orders. If you are interested, e-mail us at and we can put you in contact with her.

Here are some pictures of her ornaments in our shop:

(PLEASE NOTE that these designs are Kelly Rigano of Brush Stroke Ornaments' intellectual property and as such she reserves all rights to other words respect both her creativity and that which God has given you and create your own unique art!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Romantically Reminiscent Christmas

Christmas is, as they say, a time of comfort and joy. The very nature of this holiday celebrates family and coming together and for those who love the Romantic Cottage style, we find comfort in incorporating the warmth of the old, with the pleasant memories of family and friends they bring, in our celebrations of the holidays. This, as any good Romantic knows, goes beyond seeing things at the face value of their assigned roles. Here are a few examples Mom and I have put together in our shop of giving freedom to finds from the past so that they can help warm our homes and our hearts during this season.

Mom used vintage cookie cutters to decorate the tree below. For that warm glow I put battery operated tea lights in old Jello molds (the tree is supposed to be flame retardant but we weren't going to push our luck!). Old red and white kitchen utensils on a red and white striped tree skirt help to spread the cheer.

These are some Pyrex personal carafes with the rubber neck bands on an old moire tray spruced up with some lovely poinsettia picks.

Here is an idea for a festive centerpiece that is very retro chic as well: Use a gilded pyrex tall carafe and fill the bottom with shredded gift foil or a piece of satin. Wrap a paper towel or plastic dowel in pretty coordinating ribbon and insert it in the top, place ornament hooks and floral picks in and arrange them to your taste. Then hang some pretty ornaments and voila! you have a pretty centerpiece!

Give Thanks and We'll Thank You!

Waynesville is a town which has always taken great pride in its sons and daughters who have served or are serving their country. In a place of pride, close to the corner of 73 and the southern end of Main Street, a large plaque stands, proclaiming the names of those who have answered the call of their country. This is not some hollow gesture either.

Up at The Village (not to be confused with the equally important Village Restaurant...a delightfully yummy place which serves up homestyle comfort food) where the police and various town administrative offices are, they have been quietly collecting and shipping out toiletries, snacks, and other items which bring comfort and support to the troops.

They have also been collecting and sending little treats which the soldiers can share with the children that they meet in the Middle East. Especially well recieved are little school supplies.

Joining the Village, the merchants have decided to expand the support to the troops in an effort called GIVE THANKS AND WE'LL THANK YOU! From now through the end of Christmas in the Village (December 5th through the 7th) we are hosting a village-wide drive for toiletries, cards of appreciation, school supplies and monetary donations to send to the troops who are serving.

In return for any donations, you will recieve a raffle ticket. The merchants have come together to provide some wonderful gifts which have been put together in some lovely Gift Baskets whcih can be seen up at the Hammel House (Another one of our especially YUMMY restaurants) in their lobby which will be raffled off after Christmas in the Village as our way of saying thanks to those who have donated.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Truth Revealed

Hi all!
Well, it turns out that our ghostly shadows had a little bit of flesh to them. Thanks to one of our friends who is more technically savvy than Mom or I, the shadow on the porch has been shown to be in actuality two people, most likely crew members, when her screen shot is zoomed in on. While we are a little would have been really cool to have something there, it can keep the warm fuzzies a-coming with the building and stave off the heebie jeebies!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our Ghost Video details in post below

Our Dear Not-So Dearly Departed

Here is a link to a video that we just stumbled upon at our local newspaper. The little title was ghosts in Waynesville and so we clicked on it. Little did we know that they had done a bit on our home! Trendy Bindi's Boutique is in the Stetson House and they interviewed some folks up at the Friend's Museum who had had some experiences in the upstairs room when the property was the Cranberry Bog. Is that neat or what? Our own 5 seconds of limelight!

We've known for a long time, even before we started our business, that this building was supposed to have some ghosts, but other than some little things like lights going on and off or hearing someone in the back room we haven't really had any crazy experiences. Though a woman did stop in at the Sauerkraut Festival and told us she and her husband had been on the porch alone and she had felt someone other than her husband tug gently on her hair. Maybe since we have retained the upstairs for private business use, our ghostly friends are happier (we've slept up there and not had a problem, the house gives us the warm fuzzies instead of the heeby jeebies.)

Here is the link to the video:
Ghosts in Waynesville

You will need to click on the index of the videos and it should be under the index for the latest videos.


p.s. I saw this and mom thought I was crazy until I did a frame by frame and at 1:23 into the film, you can see a black form moving across the porch from the door, close to the post, to the right by the yellow potting bench. What do you think?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sauerkraut 2008

Its here. The Sauerkraut Festival. Gulp.
Let me tell you something, Sauerkraut Festival is one crazy, crazy weekend here in Waynesville. Starting Friday, the town pretty much shuts down (even the kids get out early from school...coincidence I think not!) and the set up begins. Last year, we were Sauerkraut newbies. We had never even attended as "civilians" before and let me tell you it is crazy, crazy, crazy! There are just so many booths set up along main street with all sorts of handcrafted goodies not to mention all of the yummy (or so those who actually eat Sauerkraut tell me) Sauerkraut foods, everything from Sauerkraut pizza, to Sauekraut fried cheeseballs (which I can attest are quite yummy!) and the FAMOUS Cabbage Rolls from St. Augustine's Church. There are loads of people and the shops have lots of sales, so it is a rather festive and crazy good time. This year a Beer Garten has even been added. So come on down to, walk along and check out the artisans, and enjoy yourself!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Framing Your Memories

A lovely way to keep the christening gown that has been in your family for years or those lovely hankerchiefs that are sitting in your drawer preserved for future generations and to enjoy everyday is to frame it. The Framing Place and Art Gallery here in Waynesville will be happy to frame your memories for you. Ted, the owner, does absolutely beautiful framing work and has experience in framing such items as christening gowns and metals, etc. You can call him at 513 897-2787 or visit his shop on the web at

I know that it is a theme that I maybe "harp" on in this blog, but so many people just don't enjoy the lovely things they already have. I have had customers look at our hankerchiefs and say that Aunt Mary's handerchiefs are setting in a drawer and, although they are beautiful, they don't know what to do with them. Frame them. Even if you don't use Ted's services, go to the dollar store and pick up some frames. My mother has some medals that were my great great uncles' who fought and died in the Civil War. They would make a unique display for her home and a tribute to my great great uncles.

We all have such beautiful and unique items in our homes, we need to display them. As much as I would love to sell you instant heirlooms, look about your house for the ones you already have. And if you still need some lovely handerchiefs or a vintage piece of jewelry that would make a special one-of-a-kind statement in your home, then remember us and Ted. We will be very happy to help you.

Remember preserve or creat your own piece of bliss,

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Waynesville, "The Most Haunted Town in Ohio"

Well it is that time again, fall is here and nothing quite captures the spirit of the season quite like, well, spirits. (The ethereal kind, though the liquid certainly helps to warm you up to the subject too.) A little cider or ale or some cocoa as the nights turn cooler, a fire and some spooky tales shared with friends after the sun has set is a popular tradition for this season. And let me assure you, here in Waynesville, we have plenty of tales to tell.

Our town is known as the "Most Haunted Town in Ohio" thanks to the Haunted Ohio Books and for good reason. Our shop alone is well known for three different permanent inhabitants: Louisa Stetson, her brother the hatmaker John and a school teacher named Lilla. In fact there is even a picture of one of our co-inhabitants online: This was taken a number of years ago.

While we personally haven't had too many stories to tell (this might have something to do with me and mom saying over and over "Please don't let me see anything, Please don't pop out at me!" Though we have had some little things happen like lights coming on or off and hearing sounds like someone browsing in the back room. However, there are many others who have had experiences and a great way to hear about them, as well as the stories of many of our other ghosts is on the "Ghostly History Walking Tours" offered by the Museum at the Friends Home. There are two tours. There is a tour of the historic downtown and then there is a tour also of the National Register's Quaker Hill Area, which I believe includes the museum.

Starting a couple of years ago, you can also now start the tour with dinner at the historic and haunted Hammel House restaurant. (I can attest both to the ghosts and the delectably yummy foods there.) Tours are offered Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings in October, except for the week of the Sauerkraut Festival starting around 7:30. You can also schedule tours for groups of 10 or more April through November. You can get more information and make reservations by calling the MFH at 1-513-897-1607 or by visiting their website at All of the proceeds go to a good cause supporting the museum of local Quaker history.

We went as a family a few years back (unfortunately before the dinners were added) with some family friends and it was a blast. I also believe that an effort is being made to make this friendlier to children too, but it might be a good idea to inquire about suggested ages because some children are more sensitive to nightmares than others.

Stop by and have some spooky fun!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Second Sunday Stroll Artisan Profile: Julie Crusenberry

Well September's Second Sunday Stroll really turned out to be quite a day! First of all we were thrilled that our friend, Julie Crusenberry of Steph's Jewels, was able to settle herself in on our porch as our artist. Julie and her daughter Stephanie are another mother daughter team and we are just thrilled that we are getting to be such good friends with Julie...truly she is a person of bliss for us. We also want to send our congratulations to her daughter for making Julie a grandma to the cutest little baby girl! We met up for breakfast and had a blast admiring pictures of this little sweetie before opening up.

They are both very talented in creating unique and just fabulous jewelry using vintage components and Julie in particular has just such a gift for artistically arranging displays. In fact, she has been kind enough to fill in for us before and we can never wait to see what she has done with our shop!

I took a few pictures of her displays on the porch, and good thing that I did because it wasn't too long before she had to move inside thanks to Ike.

Who knew you could have hurricanes in Ohio? I sure didn't! Main St. in Waynesville can be quite the wind tunnel and well, it isn't that unusual to lose power in the historic buildings so we just sat and chatted inside, while my dad and brother did some work on the clapboard on the side of the building totally oblivious to the true extent of what was going on.

The menfolk left before us and called to say some trees were down and power was out back home too but it wasn't till we drove home ourselves we got a real understanding of the power of this storm. A roof had blown off and into another storefront up the street, trees were down all over and the water tower had sprouted a leak at the top akin to Old Faithful.

At home we were out of power (though we were very lucky, it came on in the middle of the night that night) but trees and limbs were down all over our neighborhood. The neighbors behind us had watched a tree come down across both of their vehicles in their driveway. Two other neighbors are still without power because a tree was uprooted and brought the power lines down with it. All in all thhings are much better now and getting back to normal, but that storm was just something else!

p.s. If you see something you love, Steph's Jewels consigns with us and we actually do have some of these pieces in our shop, and if we don't have it we can definitely put you in touch with Julie.