Wednesday, August 20, 2008

No place like home

Well, we finally made it home from vacation in the wee small hours Sunday morning and I think we are getting close to being recovered. Our time spent in Florida was hot but pleasant...we enjoyed the beach and the pool at my grandparents' condo. We also got to see some of the historic sugar mill plantation ruins and the Rockefeller residence, Casements. Not to mention mom and I went out and about and found some great treasures for the shop. I can't wait to share them with you. Most importantly, my little brother made it back to the states safe and sound and craving cold "midwestern" milk. I think he was a bit surprised when he saw how much it costs now as well as so many things that have gone up in price.
The trip home was a little less pleasant. Driving happily towards home along I 95 there was a big bump with an accompanying thunk followed by a chorus of smaller ones. Yep, the transmission had dropped out of the van and we were stuck. Thankfully, the good Lord saw fit to give us a nice spot to be stuck for the next hour or two. There was a nice wide stretch of grass and then some woods. Much nicer than being stuck by a marsh with gators and snakes and "things". Fortunately too, the tow-truck (operated by a very nice man) made it to a Ford dealership before the skies turned black and a gale started up. So rather than making it home sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday, we got in bright and early Sunday. But we made it home safe and sound and that is what is important, we just gained another vacation story to tell. Hopefully this will be the last vacation adventure story for awhile!