Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Additions from Sweet Annie's Vintage

Sherri Mash of Sweet Annie's Vintage is a local artisan who makes the sweetest creations incorporating salvaged vintage fabrics and notions and sometimes new fabric too.  The pillows above arrived in our shop on Sunday. 
This is an earlier arrival and is made from a beautiful toile fabric with vintage buttons and lace accenting the ephemera image. 
This little tote is the perfect size for an e-reader!  It is just so cheerful!
Here are another couple of her wonderful pillows.  We both love the embroidery on this one.
The two larger pillows are made from the same salvaged quilt.  The French style pillow in the front is made of lovely navy and white ticking and has such a lovely graphic on it.  It is new to the shop.
Sherri also makes lovely pennant bunting garlands. 
These little printed French inspired bowl filler pillows make great gifts.  These also arrived on Sunday.

Here are a couple more.  She also makes satchets from them. 

These jadeite and yellow pillows would be perfect nestled on a little chair by the kitchen.
They are also new arrivals.
Here is another one of her bunting garlands.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just in for Christmas: New Abbybelle Creations!

Sam, the artist behind Abbybelle, is just so talented (and sweet!) and her creations a filled with fun.  Here we have Santa and Mrs. Claus figures nestled in an old wire milk crate among vintage aqua mason jars.  She also makes these delightful Santa and Cat head ornaments that we have nestled in old jello molds.  (I apologize about the lighting in these pics...I am still getting to know a new camera.)
Here we have a snowman with a cat building another to his one side and another cat preparing for a snowball fight on his other.  Three little Christmas mice are nestled among hankies in the box below them. 

This Santa is relaxing in his jaunty overalls.  We found that one of our vintage light fixture bases made the perfect pedestal for him!
Sam also made these sweet snowman head ornaments.  The pillow tucked in the drawer above is made in Lancaster County, PA by Old Time Gathering.
This little wooden church is also part of the same display in the shop and I couldn't resist sharing it here.  It is vintage and hand made.  It lights up and there is a nativity scene at the front of all the church pews. 
This wall hanging is another one of the many pieces by Old Time Gathering that we have in the shop.  It is hand painted and grunged and stitched by hand.  We found that these work great as valances or as accents on curtains.  You can also hang them up on a wall or door. 
Here is another example of one of their fabric hanging signs. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Artist Jan Dahler

Another new artist in our shop is Jan Dahler of Kitschy Christmas. Her wonderful creations are made of a fabric mache and incorporate vintage materials.   
We were fortunate to be able to get 2 of her Halloween crows this year.  They are sitting on vintage Christmas light reflectors.  The leaves on the pumpkins are vintage millenry.  Vintage fabrics are used for the ruffles and the hats.  There are vintage mercury beads at the tips of the hats.
We also got a number of her snowmen in the shop.  They were just so cute we couldn't wait to put them out.  They fit so perfectly in this old painted cabinet top.
Jan used vintage paper cups for these snowmen.  They are made of fabric mache and are accented with glitter. 
These little guys fit perfectly in this old muffin tin that we had.  It was painted red and black and decorated with floral decals sometime long ago.  In addition to the old Coke, Frostie and Dr. Pepper cups, there is a snowman on an old Stoller's honey sample cup and another in an old Dixie dessert cup decorated with little snowmen playing in the snow. 
Here is a snowman in a large vintage Coke cup.  The one below it has a spoon and is all ready to dig into the vintage box of ice cream on which it is perched.

The snowman on the top of this picture is coming out of a chimney made from vintage fabrix and trimmed in vintage cellophane tinsel garland.  He is carrying a bag made of vintage polka dotted fabric.
Here is a close up of another snowman in one of the vintage Dixie dessert cup.

Here are another couple snowmen in their sample cups. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Bunnies and Bottle Brush Trees

We've been very busy this weekend putting out fresh Halloween goodies.  Among our new arrivals are some darling Halloween bunny witches created by artisan Michelle Lauritsen, whose Pinch of Prim creations have been featured in Prims magazine. 
Each bunny is a work of art, sculpted and painted by Michelle.  We think that they look fabulous with our vintage new-old-stock Halloween bottle brush trees.  These are marked Japan on the bottom and come from the 1940s.  The trees each measure 6 inches tall. 
The bunny witch in the black dress has her own mini bottle brush tree which is covered in black glitter.  The bunny witch in the orange dress is holding a candy corn on a wire.
This sweet black bunny witch has a lovely white and black polka dotted dress.  She also has her own little bottle brush tree.  It is covered in orange glitter.
Both of these cuties are wearing polka dotted dresses.  The one on the left is carrying a caramel apple.  The one on the right has her own tiny orange glittered bottle brush tree.
Here they are as a group.   (The black crows are from another new to the shop artisan Jan Dahler.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween Ornaments

Halloween ornaments are great for decorating, especially if you have a small space.  You can decorate a Halloween tree (which is becoming quite popular.) You can also hang them from twine, ribbon or grapevine to make a garland.  You can even tuck them in among your other decorations. 

I will try to share some decorating ideas with you in a later post.  For now, I am going to share some of our Halloween ornaments (handmade by artisans) that we've gotten in at the shop!

We have vintage-inspired chenille ornaments in a variety of styles.

These ornaments are reproduced from vintage ephemera and cut and glittered by hand.  They are double-sided to boot!

These tags are hand stained and feature fun vintage and shabby designs.  Many are embellished with ribbons and other accents. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween: Abby Belle by Sam

Sam, of Abby Belle, is the artist behind these wonderful paper clay creations. We thought they were perfect for tucking in old Coke crates! We have already sold some of her Halloween creations so if you see something you like, don't wait!

This picture is a little can see some of the details better without the sun isn't shining right in on them!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween is Coming!

Hard to believe though it is, Fall is knocking on the door and Halloween is right around the corner!  We thought we would go ahead and give you a little look-see at some of our Artisan creations that we have available for purchase in the shop. 

Today we wanted to showcase some of artist Toni Kelly's whimsical and sassy dolls.  Each doll or pixie is one of a kind.   Her signature faces are amazing!  We are happy to offer a selection of pumpkin men, witches, skeletons and a couple of saucy vampires too!