Friday, December 11, 2009

Artisan Spotlight: Toni Kelly of Sugar Cookie Dolls

Today we are featuring one of our favorite artisans in our shop, Toni Kelly of Sugar Cookie Dolls and her fabulous confections!

I started my business shortly after my grandma passed away and I inherited a vast collection of her costume jewelry, fabric, handbags, etc... Using my wonderful memories of my grandmother for inspiration, I began incorporating her belongings into whimsical creations. I named my business Sugar Cookie Dolls in honor of my grandma, Margaret Cooke Milam, aka: Cookie

Toni's Bit of Bliss... when someone tells me that my creations make them feel happy. That encourages me to continue spreading Happy Glittery Goodness to all.

For more insight, please visit my blog

You can also follow Toni on Twitter.

P.S. In honor of Waynesville's Chocolate Extravaganza this weekend, we will be giving away one of Toni's Truffle Fairies. Be sure to stop by before we close at 5pm on Sunday to put your name in!