Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Artist Jan Dahler

Another new artist in our shop is Jan Dahler of Kitschy Christmas. Her wonderful creations are made of a fabric mache and incorporate vintage materials.   
We were fortunate to be able to get 2 of her Halloween crows this year.  They are sitting on vintage Christmas light reflectors.  The leaves on the pumpkins are vintage millenry.  Vintage fabrics are used for the ruffles and the hats.  There are vintage mercury beads at the tips of the hats.
We also got a number of her snowmen in the shop.  They were just so cute we couldn't wait to put them out.  They fit so perfectly in this old painted cabinet top.
Jan used vintage paper cups for these snowmen.  They are made of fabric mache and are accented with glitter. 
These little guys fit perfectly in this old muffin tin that we had.  It was painted red and black and decorated with floral decals sometime long ago.  In addition to the old Coke, Frostie and Dr. Pepper cups, there is a snowman on an old Stoller's honey sample cup and another in an old Dixie dessert cup decorated with little snowmen playing in the snow. 
Here is a snowman in a large vintage Coke cup.  The one below it has a spoon and is all ready to dig into the vintage box of ice cream on which it is perched.

The snowman on the top of this picture is coming out of a chimney made from vintage fabrix and trimmed in vintage cellophane tinsel garland.  He is carrying a bag made of vintage polka dotted fabric.
Here is a close up of another snowman in one of the vintage Dixie dessert cup.

Here are another couple snowmen in their sample cups.