Saturday, September 12, 2015

New to the Shop: Art Deco Ivory Celluloid Painted Elephant Bracelet

We've just listed a truly fabulous Art Deco ivory celluloid bracelet. It is covered in a black japanned finish with elephants and Asian characters painted in relief.  While some flapper no doubt found great pleasure in this addition to her dress and dancing shoes as she went out for a fun night on the town, sipping on illicit champagne and enjoying the sparkling strains from the band, we've put together an everyday ensemble you can wear today!

Counter-clockwise from upper left:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New to the Shop: Hand Painted Flapper Lady Portrait Brooches

We've just added these two flapper lady pins to our shop.  Highly collectible, these fun brooches are hard to find, particularly as the are hand painted. 

The first brooch is porcelain and features a sophisticated black haired beauty.  She is visiting with a brightly colored butterfly friend.  Bold flowers accent the bottom.  She has a luster finish.  While usually we strive for perfection, she is does have her flaws (the finish has flaked away on the flowers) but then don't we all?

The second brooch is sea-foam green pearlized celluloid and features another flapper who could be her sister as she is another belle with raven tresses.  While her sister is more bohemian and finds joy in nature.  You can just tell that she enjoys the good things in life. Like her dramatic rose adorned picture hat and matching beaded necklace.  Or sipping tea, or cocktails, with friends! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

70th Anniversary of VJ Day and the End of WWII

Today marks the 70th anniversary VJ Day, the day the treaty with Japan was signed marking an end to World War II.  I am proud to say the my dad's father, Frank, served in the army at the tail end of the war and the transition to peacetime (he was too young to serve before) and my mom had two aunts who served in the WACS. Norine served during the war and was stationed in the Philippines and Claire Estelle served during peacetime.